Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kyler Thomas Kolbe

Kyler Thomas Kolbe - my grandson - the newest Kolbe - the great-great-great grandson of Wilhelm and Pauline Kolbe arrived on September 9. Being a grandparent is absolutely wonderful. But I think grandchildren are even more special to those of us who are genealogists. We love knowing the path our ancestors took so the child could be with us.

We anxiously await the special day not only so we can meet our grandchild, but secretly we can't wait to officially record the birth date and place in our records.

Kyler was born 120 years after Wilhelm left Germany to provide a better life for his family in America. Now to see the results of Wilhelm and Pauline's dream. What would they would think to see their dream come true?

I wonder what my great-great-great grandchild will be like? What will their name be? Where will they live?

We all have a lot to thank our ancestors for...the dreams they had and the journeys they took to leave their dreams to us.


  1. Congratulations ~ what a great picture! This post should be put in Kyler's baby book - it's a great link with his past!!