Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was a great day in my research! I was able to connect with a family member. She is in her 80's and is so knowledgeable about family information.

I had learned about her a few years ago through a distant relative, Elaine who said, "You must talk to Margaret. She has a lot of information." I tried for two years to reach Margaret who lives 2000 miles and 3 time zones away. Knowing that older people are best in the morning, I tried again this morning and she answered the phone! I was in my glory!

We talked for an hour (I was late to work), but she was a walking encyclopedia about the family history. I jotted notes as fast as I could while she answered questions and recounted the family memories. To be honest, I really couldn't keep up with her. I was most amazed how she recalled names, dates, hospitals, cemeteries, street names just off the top of her head. All without the aid of a computer.

What an inspirational woman! Not only is she in her 80's, but she is facing some serious health issues and still manages to volunteer at a local hospital and do quilting.

I now have lots of leads to follow up on. She said she would be glad to talk to me again. All I can say is I was so fortunate I was able to talk to her today.

Talking to the oldest members of our family is really more important than any other type of research we do. Today I got more information from her that I could have in several years of other types of research!

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