Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1910 Census

The 1910 census shows the family still living at 251 Wabash Avenue. William is retired, Emil is a pharmacist and Paul owns his own bakery. Ida, Berthold and Emma are all bakery clerks, perhaps in Paul's bakery? Everyone, including Pauline, can speak English. The entire family arrived in the U.S. in 1890. Paul, Emil and Berthold have become naturalized. The record indicates that Pauline has had 9 children and 9 are living. So the 2 children that were not living in the 1900 census are now living. Hmmm...probably an inaccuracy, which is very common in the censuses.

Herman has gotten married and is living at 121 Kantner Ave. with his wife Anna. The record indicates they got married about 1903 and that Anna has had 4 children, 1 is living, but no child was listed as living with them. The record also indicates neither Herman nor Anna had a previous spouse. He is the proprietor of a retail grocery store. His immigration year is listed as 1884 (or perhaps 1887-it is hard to see clearly.)

Hedwig (Hattie) and William Hackenberger have moved to 251 Watson St. and now have 5 children: Emil, Meta (perhaps this is Madie from the 1900 census), Hattie, Frank, and Joseph. The census indicates Hedwig is the mother of 6 children of whom 5 are living. William is a feed driver. Hattie's year of immigration to the U.S. is still listed as 1888, William's as 1870.

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