Monday, September 28, 2009

Recap: William & Pauline Kolbe

OK, so all the available censuses have been "mined" for information. I analyzed this information and developed a recap of known and unknown which I will post for each family member:

  • William Kolbe was born in Germany about February 1835
  • Pauline was born in Germany (or Sielisea or Slazen) about 1837-1838 in the month of December
  • They married about 1864
  • William worked as a baker from 1900 to 1910
  • Pauline may have had 9 children, with either 7 or 9 of them surviving to adulthood. The 1900 census indicates 7 of 9 have survived and the 1910 census indicates 9 of 9 have survived
  • William died sometime between 1910 and 1920
  • Pauline died after 1920
  • Their birth dates/places
  • Their death dates/places
  • Their marriage date/place (it was probably in Germany)
  • Sielisea/Slazen and its connection to Germany
  • If Pauline did have 9 children, what happened to the 2 children not listed in the censuses?
  • When and where William filed his naturalization declaration of intent (also known as first papers). The 1900 census indicates he had already filed them, so it was sometime prior to that.
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