Thursday, September 3, 2009

1920 Census-Pauline, Ida, Emma and Paul Kolbe

The 1920 census shows Pauline, Ida, Emma and Paul still living at 251 Wabash Avenue. Pauline is now widowed, meaning that William passed away sometime between 1910 and 1920. Ida and Emma are both working as saleswomen in a tea shop and Paul is a baker in a bakery. 1890 is still listed as their year of immigration to the U.S. The census indicates that these 4 became naturalized in 1900.

The place of birth for Pauline, Ida, Emma and Paul is recorded as Sielisea.
Now that threw me for a loop! Several questions about Sielisea popped into my mind:
  • Is it another name for Germany?
  • Did the census taker spell it correctly?
  • Is it perhaps a city or area in Germany?
  • Is it connected somehow to Schoenwalde (Emil's birthplace?)
I'm afraid that now I'll have to begin some of that German genealogy learning curve I've been afraid of.

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