Saturday, September 5, 2009

1920 Census-Hedwig (Hattie) and William Hackenberger

Hedwig (Hattie) and William Hackenberger have moved to 793 Canton Ave. All 5 children still live with them. William's occupation is listed as none. Hattie's year of immigration to the U.S. is listed as 1890, William's as 1869. They have both filed their first naturalization papers. Hattie probably didn't actually file any paperwork for naturalization. That is because foreign-born females automatically became naturalized when their husbands did.

Their son, Emil, works as an electrician and the census now lists his birthplace as Germany with an immigration year of 1890. He has also filed his first naturalization papers. The 1900 and 1910 census listed his birthplace as Michigan. This raises some interesting questions:
  • Was Emil born in Germany or in Michigan?
  • If he was born in Germany, did he immigrate with the Kolbe Family in 1890?
  • A review of the 1900 census indicated he was born in September 1889. If the 1889 year is accurate, he was probably born in Germany and immigrated with the Kolbe Family in 1890. This raises questions of when and where Hattie and William were married. More questions to research...
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