Friday, September 11, 2009

1930 Census-Ida Kolbe and Emma Kolbe Maloney

The 1930 census shows Ida (now listed with a middle initial of A.) and Emma living at 2045 Wabash Avenue. I wonder if they have moved or perhaps the City of Detroit has renumbered the houses? They are the only ones living in the house now. Emma is listed as Emma Maloney and she is widowed. So sometime between 1920 and 1930 Emma got married and then her husband, Mr. Maloney died. I do recall my mother-in-law saying, "One of them married a Hackenberger and one married a Maloney." That confirms her story. Hedwig (Hattie) married Hackenberger and Emma married Maloney. More information to research:
  • When did Emma get married?
  • What was Mr. Maloney's first name?
  • When did Mr. Maloney die?
Ida is working as a checker in a restaurant, and Emma is working as a salesman (sic) in a drug store. I am thinking perhaps her brother, Emil's, dugstore. 1895 is listed as their year of immigration to the U.S. The census indicates that they both became naturalized in 1895. More inconsistencies regarding their immigration year and naturalization years.

The place of birth for Ida and Emma is recorded as Slazen (or Slasaj) Germany. Yet another mystery!
  • Is Slazen Germany another name for Sielesia (from the 1920 census)?
  • Is Slazen Germany different from Sielesia?
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